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Royal Cleaning Services offers restroom, lavatory, sanitizing, and deodorizing services for residential and commercial bathrooms throughout Richmond and Chesterfield, Virginia.

We provide complete cleaning of all countertops, grout, mirrors, toilets, urinals, stalls, walls, and floors for residential, commercial, and industrial restroom cleaning you can always trust.


Professional Bathroom Cleaners

Each of our restroom cleaning experts is a tried and true professional with years of experience.

Our crew is trained to arrive on time and provide thorough restroom cleaning on your schedule.

We perform our jobs with absolute professionalism and strive to provide
the very best cleaning services that can be found near you.

Whether you live in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan, or Glen Allen, Virginia, we can give you the Royal Cleaning Services treatment. Call now to learn more.

FDA-Approved Sanitizing Chemicals

We use the safest and most powerful chemical solutions to ensure
a complete clean and the safety of your customers and staff.

Whether you require residential restroom cleaning, or you order commercial or industrial cleaning,
your restroom will be scrubbed and polished using only the most environmentally
friendly cleaners and cutting-edge tools for your peace of mind.

Imagine walking into your restroom and seeing the floors and walls gleam.

The cleanliness of your restrooms can say a lot about your home or office.

Get restrooms you can be proud of with bathroom cleaning by RCS, the area’s best cleaning service.

Get Pristine Toilet Seats & Bowls

When someone comes into your home to use the restroom,
you will be judged on the cleanliness of your toilet seats and toilet bowls.

The same goes for a commercial operation like a restaurant or retail store.

Industrial facilities, too, need clean seats and bowls for their staff.

We can keep your toilets gleaming long into the future, giving your home or business a clean and hygienic feel.

We Scrub Shower Walls & Floors

Showers are notorious for grime buildup.

We can get rid of all dirt, debris, grime, and bacteria by using
powerful yet safe chemical solutions and advanced shower cleaning tools.

For homes, apartment complexes, and gyms with showers,
we can keep your showers spotless with regular cleaning services you can rely on.

We can come weekly or on the weekends so that your shower facilities stand out and get noticed.

Lockers Cleaned, Sanitized & Deodorized

Gyms and other facilities with lockers can become smelly and dirty very quickly.

Let us keep your locker room in tip-top shape with commercial cleaning services for gyms and other locker facilities.

Your lockers have never looked so good or smelled so inviting.

We can clean the drains and accompanying showers, and all spaces in between
for a locker room your customers will love spending time in.

Cleaner Breakrooms

Employee breakrooms can become soiled quickly.

The floor may be littered with crumbs, and the countertops and walls may be growing a sticky film.

Keep bacteria and viruses at bay with breakroom housekeeping services that have your satisfaction in mind.

A cleaner breakroom can motivate your staff and make for higher productivity.

A breakroom that is organized and smells nice is also more enjoyable to spend time in at break time.

Give your employees a room they will love to eat, talk, and otherwise rest in with
breakroom cleaning services that will give your tables, walls, and other surfaces a professional polish.

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing

Stainless steel restroom fixtures require specialized cleaning solutions and tools if you want that glorious shine.

Our commercial cleaning experts work hard to give your stainless-steel components that thorough scrubbing they deserve.

Bathroom Mirror Cleaning

Restroom cleaning wouldn’t be complete without giving the mirrors a good wash.

People should be able to come into your restroom and see themselves in the mirror without issue.

We can get rid of smudges and streaks to keep the reflections clear as can be in any light.

Get Your Floors Mopped and Disinfected

The floors in a restroom can quickly grow out of control.

We can keep odors, stains, and puddles at bay while giving
your flooring the professional mopping and polishing it deserves.

We use environmentally friendly disinfectant solutions that kill bacteria and viruses,
keeping your restroom facilities hygienic and always up to health codes.

We Even Restock Toilet Paper, Hand Soap & Paper Towel

We don’t just clean residential, industrial, and commercial restrooms.

We can also restock your bathroom items for your convenience.

Whether it’s toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, or other refillables,
we can keep your restroom regularly stocked for each visitor’s satisfaction.

This makes us the ideal janitorial service for incredibly busy business owners and
those who would rather let the professionals do the refill jobs as opposed to your staff.

Trash Removal

In addition to restroom cleaning and refill services, we can also take out the trash.

We use eco-friendly disposal methods that ensure a clean bathroom that is never cluttered with garbage.

With regular trash disposal, paper towels and other items won’t have time to build up,
keeping your restroom presentable for a long time to come.

Get a Free Quote and a Cleaner Restroom

If you are interested in residential restroom cleaning or industrial or
commercial cleaning services, you can begin by calling for a free estimate.

We give fair and affordable estimates for all our bathroom cleaning services,
and you are guaranteed no hidden charges or surprises of any kind.

We will assess your bathroom cleaning needs and then present you with a clear plan of action.

This plan will include the walls, floors, toilet seats and bowls,
stainless steel fixtures, mirrors, stalls, refill services, and trash pickup.

Whatever you require, our cleaning plans are always tailored to your exact needs.

Start the process today by getting in touch with one of our cleaning professionals. Call now to receive a free quote.

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